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Our job is to make in-game service deliveries super straight forward - and as fast as humanly possible (our robot army isn't quite there yet, sorry). Here's a full rundown on how it works, what to expect, and what you'll need to do to prepare.

Step 1. Pick out all of the loot you'd like and head over to checkout

Step 2. Leave your SHiFT name (for PC/Xbox), or your PSN name (for Playstation) during checkout. You can find your SHiFT name by going to the social tab in-game -> manage SHiFT friends -> your SHiFT name will be just above the search box.

Step 3. Your Playerverse Looter will add you as a friend and either meet up with you in-game, or send your order via the in-game mail (depending on which you choose).

Not too bad aye? If you have any questions during your delivery, make sure to head on over to your messages (my account -> messages) where you can chat directly with your Looter!

Or you can of course hop on Live Support during our normal office hours and we'll be happy to help. 😄

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