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Our job is to make in-game service deliveries super straight forward - and as fast as humanly possible (our robot army isn't quite there yet, sorry). Here's a full rundown on how it works, what to expect, and what you'll need to do to prepare.

Step 1. Turn on Pokemon Sword or Shield and press Y to go into the Y-COMM menu

Step 2. Press the + button to go online, the top right corner of the Y-COMM menu will say "Internet"

Step 3. Select the "Link Trade" option -> "Set Link Code", and make up a 8 digit code that we will use to trade you

Step 4. Once your order is prepared we will trade with you in the link trade code you send us

That's it! Easy as pie. If at any point you encounter issues your Looter will be happy to help you.

Head on over to My Account -> Orders -> Messages to message them directly!

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